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Sitabani Jeep Safari

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Buffer Zone in Corbett National park, spans from reserves forests and constitutes of 19 villages. It is the lesser known delights for visitors as it is called Buffer Zone and visitor mainly prefer to visit the main Corbett National Park. Buffer Zone area only has two modes of transport — Elephant Safari and Jeep Safari are allowed. This surrounding area to the park can be strolled on foot and walking is allowed in this zone.
The buffer zone is loaded with nature`s wonders, and borders the main attraction of the park. Of all the major avian species found in Corbett and areas abutting Corbett, the buffer zone shelters around 600 species of birds, most of which are migratory birds. Sprawling with vast acres of wilderness, dotted with villages and sunrays filtering amidst the tall sal woods, it is truly a magical to go a walk on the lanes here. And, there is no better way to bird watching than this. Birds Watching Safari can be enjoyed to a large extend in this Buffer Zone of Corbett Park.

Price: INR 3600/jeep

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